University—a Good Area for Entrepreneurship

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University-a Good Area for Entrepreneurship


This essay is written to analyse and critically discuss the statement of "There is a strong fit between entrepreneurship and universities. It's an ideal area for entrepreneurship because academics are viewed as highly creative and innovative." The scope of this essay is to analyse the relationship between entrepreneurship and universities by digging out university's environment that help fostering entrepreneurship within its networks. The key limitation is the writer's insufficient experience in the entrepreneurship field and insufficient comprehension about university.

Entrepreneurship and University

Universities provide a good environment for entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and staff. Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organisations or revitalizing mature organisations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities (Timmons & Spinelli 2007). The ability of the university's fostering entrepreneurship comes first from the writer's own experiences as a student at the University of Zhejiang, China. This point of view is supported by Anne Swift (2008), the founder of Young Inventors International (YII), who was a student entrepreneur at the University of Toronto (

2008). YII is a non-profit organization which has fostered numerous student entrepreneurs at various universities in North America and taught them about innovation and how to bring new products to market ( 2008). Universities do provide unique resources that are very helpful to foster entrepreneurs in spite of how supportive universities are of the commercialization of their researches. This is because:

Firstly, in universites, one can easily access to many talents and skilled individuals such as students, professors, because they get gathered in one place (a particular university). Thereby, team building becomes much easier in the universities than anywhere else. Team building is very important in the process of entrepreneurship because team members can generate creativity that may not exit in a single individual...