University of Phoenix GEN 480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course Skills Assessment Paper

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Our team of skilled individuals is researching the opportunity to go into business. Our plan is to review our strengths and weaknesses and strategize on what type of consulting firm best fits these qualities. In addition, we will review the opportunities and qualifications that we believe are required to strengthen our management team and company.

We believe our general management expertise from the strengths of our partners will provide us with leverage and opportunities to convince our potential customers that we have what it takes to make them successful. It will be our commitment to our clients that we will provide the best-qualified candidates to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations.

Part I

Team Skills Summary/Analysis

The pool of individuals that will develop this organization is comprised of dynamic talent and energy. Each corporate officer has obtained a college degree in Business Administration demonstrating discipline and motivation.

Within experiential categories, which are characterized by skills and strengths, this team brings together qualities that compliment and build on those of other members. Our skills are comprised of management level proficiency within accounting, human resources, administration and information technology. Strengths are centered on personal relations within human resources and organizational competence. These skills and strengths will combine well to develop a consulting firm that deals with personnel recruitment for placement into corporations on a temporary as well as a permanent basis.

Skills Matrix

Name Education Skills Strengths Weaknesses

-High School Diploma in Commerce/Acct

- BSBA UOP -Fast Learner

-Office Administrator

-Accounting Assistant


-People Skills

-Customer Service


-Public Relations

-Cold Calling

-Telephone Sales

-High School Diploma

-BSBA UOP -Office Administration

-HR Operations -Organizational Analysis

-HR Management

-HR Mediation



- High School diploma in Business and Commerce


- General Manager...