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Executive SummaryEveryone loves a clean space, whether the space is at work or at home. SC Johnson not only loves a clean environment but strives for a clean and healthy living space for people all around the world. SC Johnson has great products but is always looking for improvement with newer products. In order for SC Johnson to promote and market new products they can easily start by giving new products to new housing tracks so that they may include in their housewarming baskets to their new homeowners. Most homeowners are on a budget when they purchase a home therefore anything free will be used, especially cleaning products. Homeowners are more likely to keep their homes clean when they move into a brand new home because it becomes more of a maintenance issue. Maintaining a clean home is easy with the right products. Loyal customers start off young and their loyalty is maintained with the performance of their products.

Company BackgroundMost families are familiar with the common name brand of SC Johnson. SC Johnson has been in business for five generations of families and for more than a hundred twenty years. Their products consist of Shout®, Windex®, Mr. Muscle®, Ziploc®, Edge®, Glade®, Brise®, Raid®, OFF!®, Baygon®, Autan®, Pledge®, Scrubbing Bubbles® and more. They strive to make products to make our lives cleaner, easier and healthier. Its main offices are headquartered in Wisconsin. They have 12,000 global employees in more than 70 countries around the world (SC Johnson). SC Johnson's strategic plan will take into consideration their employees, their customers and their ethical values.

Vision StatementThe vision statement was stated by the founder of SC Johnson, H.F. Johnson, Sr., during a 1927 profit sharing speech. "The goodwill of the people is the only enduring thing in any business. It is...