Unjust Actions

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Kahlil Broderick

Living within Calvert County, Maryland, Mary Swanson is a sophomore at Blue Crab High School. While attending school Mary was stopped and randomly searched by an administrator for tobacco. When the administrator found nothing Mary was taken to the School Resource Officer where she was strip searched for weapons, questioned about where she acquired cigarettes and who purchased them for her. At her trial, Mary attended without a lawyer and was refused to have one appointed to her. Mary Swanson receives an unfair trial because her 4th amendment, 5th amendment, and 8th amendment rights were violated.

The fourth amendment goes against unreasonable searches and seizures. On Mary's case she was treated in an unfair manner when she was randomly searched without a stated reason of suspicion. This including Mary's situation of again being searched and strip searched for illegal items. The action of Blue Crab High School violated the right according to the precedent cases of Safford v. Redding and NJ v. TLO.