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The day came nice and hot. The sun shines with an enviable magnitude. The smell of the earth still wet by dew in the morning makes me sot of nostalgia.

I am not sure what I do here. Why is it so dark? Why do the walls seem to move into my direction, taking my breath?I remember your smile, gosh, it was marvelous! Whenever you smiled at me, seemed that the sky was coming closer to me, and I could reach heaven. Your sweet kiss made me thinking about peaches, your soft skin, feeling like the most pure wool, kept me warm and comfortable. Every time that I breathed, I was sure of life.

Cold. Why does seem that I can not see? Well, at least what comforts me is to know that I am warm, even still feeling the coldness, my body stays rigid, static, what is it?I feel the day so beautiful, the garden flowers that seem to compose a ballet.

I see the earth, still wet. It seems to me now that I am seeing through it.

But why am I lying there? I look so pale. Why am I seeing myself as..

The flowers fade quickly, the sun was hidden by a group of black and dense clouds and the wind blows fiercely. I can not feel my body, my breath was totally taken. This taste of gall in my mouth...

Cold, cold, cold!Where are you? Why can't I see you? Why aren't you by my side to comfort me and guide me away from this nightmare? Did you forsake me?I see the joy and natural work of worms fulfilling the law of their survival.

Eat, indulge yourself! Come on, eat my body up, what is mine, not even belongs to me, my love, my...