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The Roar of the 1920's

By : Haley Veal

Have you ever wondered what made the 20's roar so loud? The 1920's was full of new inventions, daring styles, and prohibition. With technology progressing, people attending speakeasies, and going to see the latest movie in their new car, it's safe to say that this was definitely a time period in which everyone was care free. However, the 1920's were not as amazing as everybody made it seem.

Many of the inventions that were made during the 1920's we still use today! Like the Band-Aid invented by Earl Dickson in 1921. The 20's made major changes to medicine. The first Insulin injections for diabetes was invented in 1922; before that diabetes was considered as a death sentence! One of history's greatest medication advancement was in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. He created Penicillin that saved many lives and created antobiotics. People have been driving cars for 25 years before this but the traffic signal didn't exist until Garrett Morgan invented it in 1923.

Radio broadcasting began in Pittsburgh, Illinois in 1920. By the end of the decade, the world had 5 radio networks. In 1928, with the radio being only a few years old, the first television broadcast began in Washington D.C. This was a new entertainment that was the death of vaudeville. Other inventions that we use today are home refridgeration. It became very popular along with the dishwasher and the pop up toaster, and we have all heard that saying "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread," that was also made in the 1920's, by Otto Fredrick Rohwedder. The loudest roar was the liquid fuel rocket made by Robert Goodard.

During the 1920's people used the same slang words, listened to the same music, and even wore the same...