Unleashing Marijuana

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Ralph Salazar

Dr. McFadden


23 November, 2014

Unleashing Marijuana

When the average American thinks about marijuana they have one of two opposing perspectivesabout it: marijuana is illegal, consumers have sloth characteristics that make them unproductive in a fast pace society; marijuana is a natural remedy that soothes not only the body, but also the mind. It isalsoa great social stimulant and if legalized can help the economy. Both ideas about marijuana is true in certain situations, but neither of them is an absolute truth. Each opposing perspective, to an extent, holds certain unrealistic ideas that started with wholesome, accredited facts that could bring bothopposingviews to a neutral stand point. Unfortunately, only fragments of these facts are quoted to fita cause that a certain group orindividual'swishes to insert certain ideas into the minds of the public. Although marijuana has been criticized constantly to a high magnitude, the benefits of marijuana cannot only help the individual but society as a whole.

Looking at the original, wholesome facts from accredited resources, marijuana, is just like alcohol;when used in appropriate situations it canbe beneficial to the consumer as well as make social eventsmore appealing, but if used constantly andinappropriately to the point where it consumes a person's life,by replacing a person's productive habits with constant need to consume the substance, then it becomes a problem. Like any drug, both legal and illegal, the only way that it can bring out the "sloth" characteristics associated with marijuana is if the user has an addictive personality. The reason whyis, because people who have addictive personalities succumb easily to their desire, making them vulnerable by becoming dependent on a particular substance, situations, or whatever seems to excite them. In a typical human being, in the temporal cortex is therewards center where dopamine is created. Dopamine...