Unplanned Organizational Change at NASA.

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After the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, some unplanned changes are on the way at NASA. The changes are a direct result of the searing exploratory reports that accused management, communication, and overall cultural failures in the space shuttle program as the reason for the loss of the space shuttle. How the management teams at NASA choose to address these issues will determine the future of the space shuttle programs at NASA.

Unplanned Organization Change at NASA

The main focus of the article that was read was that NASA plans to not only concentrate on the hardware related factors that lead to the disastrous event on February 1st of this year, but that the human and organizational factors will be the focal point of their addresses.

Presently, NASA's lead administrator is Sean O'Keefe. He is the individual responsible for answering to and solving all of the problems that were found in the investigations following the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

He also claimed responsibility for the crash, and stated that "his own policies are what ultimately led to the demands that were placed on the construction of the international space station." (Sawyer & Pianin)The pressures that Mr. O'Keefe faced in his organization are no different than any manager in any other association. Schedules are never met and money is never ample.

Organizational issues as well as funding problems are what Mr. O'Keefe cites as the main reasons why he cannot proceed to meet the requests and recommendations of the investigative board. These requests have to be met before NASA can resume flights in their space shuttle program. NASA has hopes that their program can resume flights in as early as 6-9 months. One would think that after such a tragic loss of life,