Unraveling times.

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My life hasn't always followed the straight and narrow. It may seem like I have led the same boring life that I am currently living but things used to be different. I used to be an outcast, a vagabond, a rowdy, whatever you want to call it. They would call me "Crazy" Chester Gray or the Son of "Ludicrous Lenny". I loved and enjoyed that life. To me that was paradise, but unfortunately times change.

We were called "The Fuzzy Peaches" and we had the best guys around so it was only suitable that we had the best hideout for us also. We cherished our hideout, it was like a second home, or a first home to a lot of us and we took pride in its condition. On the outside you would never be able to tell people where inside. A few huge oak trees stood right outside, each one had a lookout platform with a pile of stones in case the time ever came to defend our home.

To get in you had to go through a hole in a hill and once you got past the small entrance, our hideout turned out to be a well-furnished cave. We had brought in some tables we found in a nearby school and each person had brought in their own boulder to use as a chair. We had stashes of the finest things. Pies from window sills, the nicest tobacco along with an assortment of popes, a few slingshots, hundreds of hand picked stones for stoning, and an endless supply of liquor we had found behind one of the town's saloons. We would have a grand ole time exchanging stories, drinking, wrestling, joking, and doing whatever we pleased. We were just a group of boys doing what boys do best;...