Unsafe driving

Essay by super_unknown_star April 2005

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I never forget my aunt Nayrah crying over her two only children, it was an awful day for her and all of us. None of us could understand what just happened because both of my cousins were in comma. We realized that it was surly a horrible car accident and the look of the car under the huge truck explained the whole matter. My cousin Bashaar was only 16 when that accident took place Farah was only 11; of course Bashaar was the driver and he passed a red light. Although, he was driving a Toyota by a legal car license for boys under-eighteen; I believe the age at which a boy can earn his license should be raised to eighteen. Statistics show that newly licensed teenage boys drive impulsively, they don't commit to the safety rules and they cause higher car accidents than mature drivers.

Of course, boys under 16 are very irresponsible; they drive impulsively.

They run through cars with out any consideration and pass many cars with no lighting of the turns signals. They drive fast inside the main city roads. Sometimes they race with their cars, as they are the only people driving in the road. They use the horn to annoy people not to alert them.

Another thing besides the impulsive driving is the disinterest of the roads safety. The teen boys keep driving through red traffic light. They drive on the sidewalks anytime there are traffic jams. They don't concede about the safety belts and they rarely wear them. They park in a Non-stop sign and rush crazily through a Stop one.

Finally, all of the above happen because the lake of recognition they have. They cause many more cars accident than adults do. They use their cell phones while they are driving because...