Unsent Letter

Essay by smileyjoyHigh School, 12th grade February 2014

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February 13, 2014

2:46 p.m. 

Dear baby,

If there's something I learned from all the pain I've been through, that would be to stop believing people 
when they say that they will never leave you. You're gone and I'm still alive. No matter what I do, your 
name still lingers in everything I write. And now that you're gone, I continue to love you, everyday, in
 hopes that somehow, you'd find your way back to me. I'll never stop waiting. Because when you find the one, you'll never give up. And I'm not giving you up. It may sound stupid. But yeaa. It's still you I've been thinking of whenever I look at the moon and stars at night and you're still my first thought in the morning. I don't care if you leave and turn your back away from me, as long as you'll be back in my arms.

I don't care if you cheat on me, as long as you're honest and tell me. I don't care if you forget me, as long as you'll remember and find me. I am patient
 and I will always be waiting for you. I look for love in the distance that stretches between us. In the
 uncertainty of what you feel for me. In the promises that you never made. In your name that I long to whisper against your skin. In the way you make me write your name. Just like the first time you stood me up, the first time you pushed me away, the first time you left a scar on my heart, the very first kiss that left me breathless, all you gave me was a gut wrenching feeling. I know that it's over between us. You've made that clear. I used my favorite marker to...