Unsettling the truth, review essay, Evaluation of Mandatory Arrest/Charging Policy

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Historically, men are viewed as a worker of home, who takes care of the family by providing necessity of life and maintaining order of home. On the other hand women are viewed as house maker, who takes care of children and is not capable of working in public spheres as men do. Also in the past, men were allowed to use violent force, if necessary, within their private life and against their female partner in order to maintain order as well as their dominance. For example, "Rule of Thumb" forbids husband to hit his wife with a stick thicker than his thumbs (Bonnycastle and Rigakos1998, 18). In another word, husbands were able to hit their wives with sticks that were thinner than a thumb.

However, as our society's emphasis on liberation and equality of women increase tremendously women's involvement in political, economical and social sphere also increased. In addition, feminist movement brought new aspects and practices to Criminal Justice system.

One of the new practices that have been implemented to Criminal Justice System, which will be discussed throughout this essay, is the "Mandatory Arrest/Charging Policy" in domestic violence. "Mandatory Arrest/Charging Policy" refers to guidelines that require police officers to arrest and lay criminal charges against the abusive partner (whether men or women, some case both parties) in all cases of domestic violence/assault where there are "reasonable grounds".

Although this new justice system brought certain effects to women's lives, it also complicated our justice system and impacted in negative ways as well. Through this essay I will argue that battered women's advocates rest their support for mandatory arrest on the deterrence of batterers and empowerment of women, though on the other hand any beneficial effects produced by mandatory arrest may not be universal across race and class. To...