Unspoken Rules

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Lexi Feldman



The Unspoken Rules of Society

Within society there are a set of unspoken rules. Everyone who is a part of society shares

a common understanding about what kinds of behavior is appropriate. Things such as holding the

door for someone or not chewing with your mouth open are common behaviors that are regarded

as acceptable. While it is true that merely understanding these tacit codes play a role in

belonging, it is vast oversimplification. True belonging derives from time spent comprehending

the group's values, beliefs, history, and one's role within the community.

In a world where we are governed by rules and regulations set down by the government

and law enforcement, it is not always the consequences of breaking these laws that we fear. We

instead fear breaking the unwritten rules of our social groups and relationships. Sometimes

breaking these can have far worse consequences. Those who do not follow the unspoken rules of

society are often shunned or looked down upon. They are considered outcasts simply because

they choose not to follow or can not comprehend the social norms.

These tacit codes become second nature for those who are surrounded by them on a daily

basis. From the day we are born our parents teach us which behaviors are acceptable and which

are not. As we get older we better comprehend these unspoken rules and begin to understand

how our behavior affects others within our community. For example, while it is tolerable for a

small child to whine and beg for candy in a store, an adult exhibiting this behavior may be

regarded as irrational and inappropriate.

To "belong" means to go along with the unspoken rules of conformity concerning

whatever prejudices a group may have such as how you dress, or how you...