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Our Poisoned Sky By Edward F. Dolan I. Introduction.

A. This book tells about the examples and ways we as people destroy our atomosphere every day.

B. The atomosphere has been in turmoil since the beginning of the Industrial Age and is still in turmoil to this day.

C. Many of todays diseases is caused by pollutants in the sky.

II. The Body A. To scientists and to people who study about our atomosphere the pollutants are divided into five general categories, with each of them having the power to sicken or to even kill the human population acting by themselves or with help from another category.

B. Since the Industrial Age and until 1985 when we were first alarmed about the hole in the atomosphere hanging over Antarctica.

C. The two main deadly forms in which pollutants cause havoc and either kill or badly sicken a person is both acid rain and the greenhouse effect.

III. Conclusion A. What could be done to help decrease the amount of pollution in the air is to: 1. Follow all city,state, and national laws 2. Convert,Buy,or Dispose any or all CFCs B. Contact your state Senator and Representatives and tell them to support any new acts to help decrease the amount of pollution.

C. Or you could join or start a national group dedicated to stop all pollutants from exsisting.