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Alex was baby-sitting two kids until 11pm. He played board games with them for several hours, and now they were supposed to go to sleep. When they went to bed, Alex started to watch TV. At around 10:30, Alex heard someone walking upstairs. He thought it was one of the kids, so he went up to check. He came to their room, and stepped into a puddle. He turned on the lights, and saw puddles of blood everywhere! Then he looked at the kids, and they were cut up in little piles on their beds.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Alex figured the parents came back, and ran downstairs to open the door. When he opened the door, he found two large black bags with names written on them. One said Joe, and the other Sue. Those were the names of the parents! He looked in the bags, and saw body parts in them.

By this time, Alex was about to faint, but then he heard the phone ring. He waited a minute, still shaking, but managed to pick it up. On the other line, he heard, "Guess who's next". He tried to run home, but saw only one black bag where the other two used to lay. This time, the name on the bag was Alex. The next thing Alex saw was a shadow approaching him. He was so terrified, he fainted. No one ever saw Alex again. From then on, anyone who entered that house, never left it.