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This is a statement of the robbery that occurred at the local Taco Bell. The robber took place at 9 p.m. on July 25, 2002. The three witnesses are Michael T. Jones, Jamie Nelson, and Jose Martinez. About 100 dollars were stolen, but no one was injured during the robbery.

Michael Jones was working as the night manager that night. Michael noticed the suspect pointing a Colt45 at Jamie. Michael said the suspect was a man who was 6'2" and weighed about 220-250 pounds. The suspect was also wearing all black clothes, but had no gloves on. Michael said Jamie followed all of the direction so no one was injured.

Jamie Nelson was at the register the night of the robbery. Jamie said the robber was a man, because he had a deep and he was also tall. Jamie also noticed that the robber had dark hair and had light skin.

The robber was also wearing a black ski mask.

Jose was the last witness. Jose was taking the trash out when he saw the robber. Jose was drunk that night, so some of his information might not be correct. Jose claims he saw a blue truck that was a Ford or Chevrolet with a scratch on the trucks driver side. The truck was seen driving down a street by highway I-25.

Overall, we suspect the robber is a 6'2" male who has dark hair and light skin. The robber was armed with a Colt45. The robber was also driving a blue truck with a scratch on the driver's side door. The robber stole $150 and assaulted the clerk. The Robber is an everyday thief.