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When I go to the mall, the sight of the beautiful expensive clothes, the sound of chatter all around me, the smell of popcorn as I walk by the movie theatre, feelings of excitement as I decide what store to go in first, and the taste of hot pizza fresh out of the oven is enough to stimulate all my five senses.

When I go to the mall I'm sure to arrive before the crowds of families and businessmen. The mall that I always choose to go to is very easy on the eyes. As I walk in the main entrance, I am astounded by the enchanting horse carousel. It has the most gorgeous paintings on it that I just can't take my eyes off of it as I walk through the crowded food court with its hundreds of tables. As I walk through the top floor of the mall, my eyes can't help but become fixed on the magnificent chandeliers.

They appear to have so much power as they stare down at all the busy shoppers. I love to walk by the department stores and admire the beautifully displayed makeup and perfume counters. The bottom floor is decorated with more of a walk in the park look with green iron benches and small trees planted in the middle of the floor.

I like to let my mind drift while at the mall, but that's hard to do while having to listen to all the detracting noises. Usually around noon the chaos begins. I can't help but hear conversation all around me. Beepers and cell phones are constantly ringing. I can overhear a teenage girl walking behind me, arguing with her mom about needing new shoes. I decide to try and focus my attention on the retched elevator music playing...