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I read How Vince Carter Conquered the NBA Drive, by Chris Young. I learned a lot of things about the NBA problems and the way the players really think not just how they show them in T.V. One of the things I learned about Vince Carter was that he had a lot of problems with his first manager. An example is when Richard Peddy his first manager got put in prison for stealing money from An NFL player. Vince Carter changed his manager and sued his old manager. I also learned that the first year that Vince Carter played he was underestimated the manager though he would be like a helping hand for Tracy Mcgrady his cousin and Ex-player for the Raptors. I also didn't know that Vince Carter quit the contract with his sponsor Puma because the shoes were hurting his toes. I also found out that Vince Carter the second choice For the Raptors the Raptors first choice was "Tractor" Taylor a big center something the Raptors needed really bad.

Another thing I learned was that the Raptors had to pay 27 million to get into the NBA. The last thing I learned was that Vince Carter did not want to do the NBA Dunk contest he was convinced to do it by his friend Kevin Garnett.

The purpose of the author for writing this book is to inform people about the live of Vince Carter and the live of an all-star who seems to be happy but really isn't. This book shows that a lot of problems come with being an NBA player its not just get money but you have to be real wise. I know this because it say that Carter started playing basketball his senior year of high school before that he used to be a band geek. It also talks about how old NBA players got paid less than players now. Some the NBA players Don't go play to a town because they are not good enough or they don't pay more even though they are not as good as they think. Like one of the examples they said was Tractor Taylor he didn't want to stay with the grizzlies because they didn't pay him enough and now they pay him what he wants and his not delivering like he said. Another example is all the old players they mention that they are over rated.

The organizational pattern is chronological and flashback. I say his because the book goes from where he started his NBA career to when he was in high, the book talks about the highlights of his high school career. The book is really out of order it is really hard to understand because it is out of order it starts talking about how Carter started his career then it changes without finishing the story. It goes from one subject to another then back to the subject it started talking about. The book is really hard to read I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because it is confusing. The book gets better towards the end. The end actually finishes the story the end is the most exciting part of the book.