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What is the right thing to do? An isolated and seeming out of the way part of the city is how Spike Lee has set up the life of the people in Do the Right Thing. Being nothing but peoples of a poor and struggling society of New York the movie shows how strong the feelings can become between these. The viewers received the reason for the movie in different ways, and in some places it also shows how Spike Lee wanted people to understand it.

Spike Lee's movies haven't always been easy for me to see, but the reviews have always somehow gotten to my ears and seeing this movie before reading the reviews in question wasn't necessarily good. When the ending texts by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are viewed it finally explained to me how important it is to Spike Lee to get the message out of pointless fighting.

It also gave me an impression of him being someone who's trying to stop these insensible ways of life in the society of Do the Right Thing. It becomes a real life experience to see how close this movie gets to the world as it really is.

It is amazing how Spike Lee takes the part of society and brings it to the public to get the attention of how he wants to change it. Even more so how he wants us to see the problem and for us to recognize this problem. It is revealed in Roger Ebert's Book of Film: "In its portrait of a summer day on a single big city block, it evoked so many of the prejudices, misunderstandings, old wounds, and recent hurts that contribute to the lack of communication between the races in America". The compliments Spike Lee gets for...