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I had a really hard time finding a topic for this speech, I thought long and hard trying to figure out something I knew that we be of interest to all of you. Finally I decided to give a speech on something that I wanted to learn about too. Before September 11th I, along with most of the country, hadn't heard much about a man named Usama Bin Laden for the past eight months I've heard his name countless times. I know through the news stories what part he played in the World Trade Center bombing, but I also know that this wasn't his first attack on the United States. I tried to get information from articles written before September 11th as well as articles written after the attacks. Through this speech I would like to share what I have learned about Usama the man, his terrorist activities, and his reasoning behind the attacks.

I'll start with some personal information and background on Usama. According to a US government fact sheet He was born around 1955 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is the youngest son of Muhammad Bin Laden, founder of a Saudi based construction firm heavily involved with the Saudi government. Usama is a multi-millionaire because of inheritance, not by any effort of his own. Usama left Saudi Arabia in 1979 to join the fighting in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. He co-founded an organization known as the MAK to help funnel fighters and money to the Afghan resistance. The MAK had recruitment centers all over the world including the United States. In 1988 he formed the now infamous al-Qa'ida which contains many of the more extremist former members of MAK. The goal of al-Qa'ida in Usama's own words is to "unite all Muslims and to establish a...