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What Is Up With Him? This weekend i went to my friend's hose because we were going out to get some coffe. As i sat on her bed and waited for her in her room. The room is small, but it is the coolest room ever. She has pictures of her favorite bands up on the wall. the style of her room is a mixtue of modern with a rock star twist to it. The phone rang and she started to get nerves. From that moment on i knew her boyfriend was gonna come over to her house. Everytime she getes nerves she starts spit a lot and she starts playing with her hair. As I sat on her bed she started to get more nerves, and looked at me like if her boyfriend was gonna get jealous. She was so nerves she look like if her parents busted her with drugs.

Finally the boyfriend arrived with his friend. In this light brown Nissan Sentra, the car looked like a recent model. When he got there, I thought this guy is gonna be pretty cool, but he was a idiot. he is such a idiot that he can not even part straight. This guy was the must im-mature person I have ever seen. Even his sixteen year old best friend thought he was a idiot. This guy made Mr. Bean look serious. When he got to my friend's house, he didn't even give her a kiss or a huge. One thing I have learned is that no matter how cool the firlfriend is, they alwayswant a little kiss. Unless they are on their period, but wait a minute, aren't they like that all the time.

Twenty minutes past, and the guy kept on messing up and talking out of his ass. Everyone got tired of listening to his unless conversation, that we started to play with the dog. As I laid on the bed I heard his friend wisper to him, "Dude, let's go..." When I heard that I realized this guy was digging his own hole. My friend's boyfriend thought he was a pimp and a badass comedian. Also this guy was very homophobic because almost all the jokes he said were about homo's. The boyfriend wanted to sound cool, but my friend just lost interest in the boyfriend. When i saw her face it look like if someone just died.

Finally, the boyfriend said. "Well, I'am taking off." That was the wises thing he said to her. But he messed up again when he left. He forgot to give her a kiss and tell her how much he loves her.

Love is blind to my friend and to most people on earth, and i wish her boyfriend gets a brain implant. My friend deserves better but like i said. "Love blinds people." I know this because of my ex-girlfriend. She was immature, but i did not care because i liked her so much. But as time goes by, one realizes their mistakes.