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Mishal Alkasimi 1601-65th. Street Brooklyn, NY 11204 9172091644 mitchisno1@hotmail.com EDUCATION: New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, New York • Graduating Class of 2003 University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Connecticut • One year Post-Baccalaureate program.

St. John's University, New York • Bachelor of Science in Biology, May 1998 Minor in Chemistry HONORS 2002 St. John's University HEOP Alumni Award 1999 State of Connecticut Community Outreach Award 1998 Senior Leadership Award St. John's Univeristy 1998 Founders Week of St. Vincentian de Paul Award St. John's University 1999 Golden Key National Honor Society at University of Connecticut 1996 Golden Key National Honor Society at St. John's Univeristy 1995-1998 Dean's List at St. John's Univeristy 1995-1998 Acadamic Grant at St.John's University Activities 2000-2001 Vice President of The American Medical Student Association Chapter at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine 1999 Vice President of the UCONN Post-Baccalau EXPERIENCES: ACADEMIC SUPPORTIVE SERVICES ST.

JOHN'S UNIVERSITY Jamaica, NY 6/99-8/99 Professional Tutor • Assisted Students in Biology and Chemistry 9/97-5/98 Supplemental Instruction Leader in Biology • Administered four sessions a week.

• Taught studying skills.

• Reviewed lecture and explained specific topics.

• Formatted and conducted quiz's/proctored exams.

• Reviewed for lecture exams in large groups.

9/96-8/97 Tutor • In the Sciences and Algebra.

• For the Science Technology Educational Program (STEP) a State program for high school students.

2/96-7/96 WOODHULL MEDICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH CENTER Brooklyn, NY College Work-Study • Patient admission and information.

• Escort patient to nurse unit.

• Emergency room and obstetrics admission.

• Obtained patient information and compiled into report.

4/95-7/95 MAIMONIDES MEDICAL CENTER Volunteer Services Brooklyn, NY SKILLS AND photography, public speaking, basketball and INTEREST: baseball, Fluent in Arabic.

REFERENCE: Furnished upon request