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As the plane landed at Los Angeles Airport, I got my first glimpse of an American city. I was immediately impressed by its cityscape. At that time I had so many dreams about America and my future here as well. In India, I dreamed of settling in America and obtaining a better education that will help me build a better future. My dreams include getting a degree, probably master?s, in Computer Science. All of my dreams should be a reality in few years. I know that I am going to have to work hard to pursue my goals as I get closer to them.

Because I had to learn the English language, I struggled at first, both with making friends and with my studies. Through very hard work and perseverance I have made great strides with the language and my English improved. I had to use a dictionary many times to comprehend mathematical terms and word problems.

Often I stayed after school for help from my ESL and other subjects? teachers to obtain more help in understanding the material. I also studied hard at home to improve my English and to understand it better.

All these hardship has paid off for me. I now feel more comfortable with the language and confident in my abilities. I received Georgia Certificate of Merit Award during school year 97-98, which was by the way my first high school year in the United States. And also during the same year I got Principal?s award for both, perfect attendance and Algebra II. After finishing my junior year in Atlanta, GA I moved to Connecticut and finished my high school. Now I had examined and understood that I would have to do some extra curricular activities if I want to get into good...