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Kara Howland Eng 11 February 12, 2002 My Sister Relationships between siblings can be very confusing and filled with emotional obstacles. Sharing the same blood type and genetic material does not ensure a lasting and loving relationship. However, with the right amount of sensitivity, and a whole lot of humor, these relationships can grow to be the most important in one's life.

For example, my sister and I had a relationship similar to the landscape of the Rocky Mountains: peaks so high that one would believe us to be best of friends and valleys so low we can actually feel fire and brimstone scorching our toes.

The first time my sister brought her boyfriend home, I showered her bedroom with filthy, smelly clothes, including her undergarments. Imagine her surprise when she opened her door and laid eyes upon her own dirty laundry. I knew she'd be mad, what I didn't know was that she would react like a teased bull chasing a red cape.

She charged at me like I was a vault in the Olympics, and she was one point away from the gold. Suddenly out of nowhere came a broom handle to my abdomen. Broom abuse or not, I couldn't stop laughing.

Another time, I just wanted to hang around with her and her friends. Being six years old, the eleven-year-olds seemed really cool. That day they were riding dirtbikes in the woods. One would think the bugs and the loud engines would turn me off. No, not me, I wanted a ride. I begged and cried and pleaded until finally some flame-haired boy offered me a ride. What a mistake that was! I have never been so scared in my life. Leaves, dirt, and trees whizzed by me at what seemed to be ninety miles...