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Sydney Rooney Ms. Beauchamp - Teese English 10-3 16 March 2001 Some Cat Saved Your Grandma Animal rights activists are constantly preaching about how doctors and scientists should give up testing on their cute furry little creatures because it not only causes the animal pain but also the activists' pain. They just can't stand seeing Fido and Fluffy in such nauseating conditions and being injected several times until their body gives out, and they can't stand the sight or even hearing about the poor little Siamese kitten who's eyes are bloodshot with tests for makeup samples. These activists also believe that alternative methods of testing products are more productive than animal testing, and that the scientists who conduct the tests on the animals are vicious and care nothing towards animals. They are also known to believe that animal testing makes no contribution to society and that clean water and good sanitation, not vaccines and antibiotics, are the solutions to the world's problems (O'Donell).

Besides being utterly unreasonable with their myths of animal cruelty, animal rights activists are being perfectly hypocritical. If anyone has been hindered by a stroke, any head or spinal cord injuries, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, or any type of surgery they have been helps by the results of animal testing. Without the help of animal testing Polio would still kill and cripple thousands of adults and children, doctors would not have chemotherapy to save children suffering from lymphocytic leukemia, 7,500 newborns would develop cerebral palsy, and smallpox would still be here to kill more than the two million it has already killed (Americans for Medical Progress Educational Foundation. "Without").

Picture a tall apartment building burning down in furious flames. You are the only person left alive in the still burning building, and you hear two...