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IMPLEMENTATION OF AN OPEN SYSTEMS APPLICATION ENVIRONMENT RDBMS COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW The Defense Finance and Accounting Services Financial Systems Organization (DFAS) plans to establish a standard development and operational environment for DFAS applications running on workstations, network servers, and mid-tier platforms. To accomplish this, the Government has commissioned a study to 1) evaluate currently used development environments and industry standards and 2) perform an analysis of these alternative development environment; identifying the most effective solutions for DFAS.

A key component of this planned Open Systems Application Environment (OSAE) is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that will allow portability and salability across multiple platforms. This report provides a comparative analysis of three leading RDBMSs including Oracle, DB2, and SYBASE System 10. In addition, it contains recommendations for RDBMS standardization within DFAS.

OPEN SYSTEMS APPLICATION ENVIRONMENT REQUIREMENTS In it's quest to achieve an open systems application environment, the Defense Finance and Accounting Services Financial Systems Organization has defined a set of requirements that the selected development environment must meet.

In particular, the development environment must meet industry standards as well as DFAS specific requirements. Following is a listing of key industry standards and DFAS defined requirements.

KEY INDUSTRY STANDARDS Data access language standards are key in the RDBMS industry. The American National Institute (ANSI) has adopted SQL as the standard language for relational database management systems as defined in document ANSI X3.135-189 "Database Language SQL with Integrity Enhancement" or ANSI SQL89. In addition, the International Standards Organization (ISO) in the document ISO 9075-1989 "Database Language SQL with Integrity Enhancement" and the United States Federal Government in the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication (FIPS PUB) 127 have also adopted SQL as the standard RDBMS access language. ANSI has also adopted a standard for Embedded SQL as defined in the document...