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Saving Private Ryan This movie is about World War 2. It starts out on D-Day where their storming the beach. When they open up the doors to their boats most are killed and if you jumped into the water you sank because your packs were to heavy. We won the beach, and when we were walking up the beach they found a house were the enemy was and they opened the door and shot a flame thrower into it and on the other side were all of our men and they jumped out through this crack in the top of the building and were on fire, and one of our generals said "Don't fire, let them burn." Then later on the army had been putting brothers on the same platoons and when the platoon died the parents would get a notice that all of their sons had died on the same day, so they started trying not to let brothers on the same platoon.

Well some family named Ryan had had 3 of their sons killed already so the army said that they would get the last brother out. So they got Tom Hanks to round up a group and their mission was to save private Ryan. So they went off and they were walking through this city and this guy was telling them to take his child so she wouldn't die. One of them wanted to but the leader said no. Then a sniper started shooting at them, and when they found the sniper our sniper shot at him and it went through his scope and into his eye. Then they find a general and they ask if he has a private Ryan. He says he does so he goes and gets him. Tom Hanks trys to tell...