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Travis Anderson English 101 Essay#2 Refuge From The Concrete After starting school recently, my life became overloaded with responsibility. A typical day starts at six thirty as a screaming alarm summons me from bed. I leave my house at seven o'clock. I will not be back home for another twelve hours. School and work have imposed a rather tight schedule on me. I have trouble making time for necessary relaxation and meditation. At times, I get overwhelmed with responsibility. This is when I throw a leash on my dog and head out in search of more spiritual surroundings.

After my dog drags me down Coal then across University, I start to see the collage of treetops that would be my destination. I find it ironic that such a concentration of vegetation flourishes in this urban surrounding. With each block I traveled, I grew in anticipation. My eye's perception of the foliage grew clearer as I neared.

I was close now and could read the generic wooden sign that reigned over most Albuquerque parks. Carved into the sign were the words "Roosevelt Park". Under the wooden sign, I found a list of the park's rules and regulations. I proceeded to ignore them and let my dog free from her leash. She took off immediately to join in with the rest of the dogs perusing the park.

Roosevelt Park is situated below the level of the street. This gives it a more isolated feeling than other Albuquerque parks. The grass flows in waves over the many hills and knolls that are throughout the park. Some hilltops possess peculiar metal poles with chains dangling down from them. These function as holes for a frisbee golf course. There is a variety of different trees speckled through the park. Some of them tall and strong,