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In every area of the world, women have always had a role to fill. It has varied through the years as cultures have changed, but they are always included in some way. Ancient China was no different. Women were thought of as unimportant, yet the Chinese couldn't have prospered without them. Women should be given the same respect that is given a man.

Ancient China was filled with superstition and undirected beliefs. It is as a result of this that women were treated poorly and unfairly. Women had very few rights, most of which were insignificant. They were not allowed to join the military to help fight for their country, they couldn't give their opinion to a man, they couldn't hold government positions, they couldn't have a job other than housework, they couldn't own property, and they couldn't choose their husbands. Women were basically slaves. If a woman was caught impersonating a man, speaking out of turn, or not obeying her husband, she could be put to death.

As far as the men were concerned, a woman's purpose was to cook, clean, garden, and doing her part in carrying on the family name.

Today in America, women are treated with respect and equality. It hasn't always been this way, however, during our nations earlier years, a handful of people have changed laws pertaining to women's rights. Because of this, every woman, without regard for age or race, can vote, hold a government office, speak publicly, make decisions for herself, and provide for herself by working outside of the home. Women utilize these rights so that they do not lose them and end up in the same boat that the ancient Chinese were in.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if today in America females were treated the same way women were treated in ancient China? Their workload would be much greater; instead of being able to have a job, they would be doing all of the physical labor around the house without the husbands help. Couples should share the workload to avoid problems and to be fair.

It is unfair to treat a woman as a lesser counterpart instead of an equal. African Americans aren't given fewer rights because of their color, so why should women be given fewer rights because of their gender? According to the Bible, women are supposed to submit to men. But that does not have anything to do with voting, owning things, or having a job.