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The book Our Town is a play written by Thorton Wilder in 1938. The play uses very little props and makes the audience use their imagination. People all are very different but they all experience the same things.

The daily life is mostly the same for all people across the world. In the play Ms. Gibbs wakes up the kids. She makes them breakfast and packs their lunch. The Greeks did the same for their kids. Also in the play, the letter that Jane Crowfort got was addressed to the world, the universe, and everything in gods mind. That proves that Wilder is trying to state that everyone goes through waking their kids up and fixing them breakfast.

Another thing that most people go through or experience is love and marriage. In this part of the play Wilder uses flashbacks to show how this happened. George is scared of growing up and getting married to Emily.

His mom, Ms. Gibbs, said that when Doc Gibbs and her were getting married they felt that they wouldn't have nothing to talk about. In the beginning of Act II the stage manager says " Almost everybody in the world gets married-you know what I mean?"( Wilder 535). That is how Wilder states that everyone experiences love and marriage.

People take life for granted while they live and do not appreciate life until they are gone. In this act Wilder lets Emily go back in time. Ms. Gibbs told Emily to go to the least important day of her life. Emily went to her twelve birthday. When she arrived at her house she was overwhelmed of how her mom looked at that age. Emily wanted her mom to look into her eyes for one last time. Ms. Gibbs didn't so Emily went back to...