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Candy Thesis: I. Introduction A. Opening Statement B. Thesis II. Skittles A.


I would like to think of myself as a healthy eater. I try not to eat much meat during the week and I always eat a variety vegetables. Nevertheless, I have this weakness that renders all my attempts at healthy eating D.O.A. Of course I am talking about candy. Even thought it is almost completely made of sugar, I cannot get enough. Everyone has their favorite candy; some may like sour or sweet while others stick to the classics; chocolate or camel. The only problem is I like them all so narrowing it down is not easy. I think the best way would be to pick through my long list of favorites and come up with the top three. My all time favorite candy's are, in no particular order, laffy taffy, skittles, and pralines.

Some people simply despise fruity candies.

Somehow I always seem to find myself not only buying, but also enjoying them. It seems the sky is the limit when it comes to the colors and flavors availably to choose from. Even through the seemingly endless type, I stay true to skittles in particular. I simply cannot get enough of those delicious little candies. They are about the same size as an m&m, but much more colorful. I would say my favorite flavor would have to be the red ones. The colors coordinate to the flavors. Red skittles are strawberry. The purple skittles are grape flavored. The orange are orange, yellow are lemon, and green are lime. They do not taste particularly like there natural counterparts, but they are close enough so that it gives a good idea of what it is sup post to be. I am sure my kids will think...