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Carowinds Versus the Pavilion Whenever considering what amusement park you would like to attend to, you look for the one with the best rides, atmosphere, admission. Carowinds is a better amusement park than The Pavilion when considering types of rides, atmosphere, and cost of admission.

Carowinds is compiled of many gravity-defying rides. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster is the Carolinas' only inverted steel roller coaster. While on the ride, you are hurled through six swirling inversions while in the air. The Vortex is a stand-up roller coaster that takes you on a 50 m.p.h. series of loops and drops. Drop Zone Stunt Tower is a ride where you can experience the rush of gravity as you descend sixteen stories in seconds and falls at 56 m.p.h. to safety. The Carolina Cyclone is a steel coaster that spins you through four 360-degree loops and a 450-degree uphill helix. Thunder Road is a twin-racing roller coaster takes you backward and forward through North and South Carolina.

The Xtreme Skyflyer is a ride that gives you the thrill of hang gliding with the suspense of skydiving as you are hoisted 153 feet in the air then pull a ripcord that plunges you into a 50-feet free fall at 60 m.p.h. The atmosphere of Carowinds is very live and exciting. While you walk through the park, you can hear miles and miles of laughter, music, and screams. The intense smell of Chinese food, barbecue, French fries, and funnel cake just makes your hunger crave for it and your mouth water. From my experiences, it is always sunny and cool. By the sun being so bright, it brought out the ambiance of the entire park by showing the bright colors. The general admission at Carowinds, which includes the cost to get in and unlimited riding of rides, is children ages two and under free, seniors, sixty and up, and children, three to six, $26.99, and adults, seven to fifty-nine, $38.99.

The rides at The Pavilion are not as adrenaline rushing as the rides at Carowinds. Top Spin is a lot like a Ferris wheel and a boat in one. While one part of the ride is going back and forth in a rocking motion, the seat of the ride is turning 360 degrees high in the air. Mad Mouse is a small roller coaster, but full of speed. It is like being strapped to the back of a mouse while it is running away from a predator. The Hydrosurge is a water ride that can surely give you whiplash if you are not alert. You are on a small circular raft being tossed by waves while migrating down rushing water. Be sure to be in your swimwear because you are guaranteed to be dripping wet once the ride is over. One of the hottest roller coasters at the Pavilion now is called the Hurricane Category 5. You start your thrill ride by climbing 110 feet and dropping down 53-degrees. You are then thrown in many fast and furious plunges. It really creates the sensation of a twister style coaster. The atmosphere of the Pavilion is a little quiet and not as raucous as Carowinds.

Since it is right across the street from the beach, you can feel the cool breeze blow throughout the park. The cost of admission is $8.00 and $15.00 for a wristband for unlimited riding of the rides.

In conclusion, this paper has shown that Carowinds is a better amusement park than The Pavilion when considering the types of rides, atmosphere, and cost of admission. If you are into intense action pack rides and a lot of excitement, Carowinds is the amusement park for you, however, if you looking for a cool and calm area just to relax and have fun, The Pavilion is an excellent choice.