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Thesis Statement: Discrimination is one of those things that people should try to avoid doing, because we ourselves know that being discriminated against doesn't feel good.

I. Discrimination could be defined in several ways, depending on one's point of view because some people even get a kick out of it.

A. Discrimination is when you judge people by their physical appearances B. Some people even think that discriminating is funny, and somehow makes them feel good when they see and point out other people's imperfections.

C. It should be avoided at all costs.

II. There are different ways of discriminating.

A. Racial Discrimination is when you discriminate against other people because of the color of their skin, or the race they belong to.

1. Although they say that in America, everyone's equal, there are still instances where the whites are treating the African-Americans unfairly, just because the blacks looked different from them.

2. It is the same with Asians and Filipinos too. Maybe the whites think that they are the domineering race, because in the Philippines you won't see a foreigner being disrespected or discriminated against.

B. In Sexism, you think your sex is better than the opposite one.

1. When you're a sexist, you have biased opinions when the opposite sex is concerned.

2. It has been said that men are the stronger sex, and men do things better than women can.

C. Other minor types of discrimination are discriminating by a person's religion, family background, and physical appearance or stereotyping.

III. We live in a very superficial world.

A. We let something as trivial as looks, money, or popularity get in the way instead of getting to know a person better.

1. We only judge and base our opinions on what our eyes see, and for us seeing what we want to see are a major factor.

IV. Since we are aware that discrimination is all around us, we are afraid to show our true selves because we might not be taken seriously or might be laughed at.

A. We are so focused on what would other people think or say instead of where would be happy at.

1. We are insecure about ourselves.

V. Discrimination is not a good way of showing the world that you are better than anybody else.

A. We should be less prejudiced and minimize the stereotyping, like get to know the person first before judging him or her.

B. It doesn't feel good being discriminated against.

C. We could put a stop to discrimination is by avoiding to discriminate ourselves.