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Advertising in the 90's Advertising in the 90's is a widespread business. Both in America and in foreign nations. There are both campaigns and single advertising strategies. Not only are new products being advertised but are old products as well. The article from the Advertising column in The New York Times on December 18th 1996 called "Remember that Datsun 240Z you drove 25 years age? Nissan hopes you will buy it again" deals with Nissans' plan to restore their 1970's model of the Nissan 240Z to it's mint condition and charge quite a bit more money than what it originally cost. The Nissan company is not even adding any new features.

The company plans for the 70's car to be a revival of the 70's retro era. The advertisement will be running mainly in "car buff" magazines. The campaign is costing the company less than five million dollars. Hopefully attracting the car collecting, high class, "buffs" that grew up during the 70's.

I don't feel that we should linger in the past. Buying an out-of-date car, to me, would be a waste of money. Especially when the price has been raised significantly since it's original date of production.

Advertising in the 90's includes advertising for anything. From new cars to used cars, anything goes. And when anything goes, anything can be sold. That's the current motto for this century. Anyone whom has a product, and has money, can advertise. Americans in the 90's will make money with anything that they can. Be it good or bad, anything that anyone want's or has can be sold.

This is the part of the process that the advertisers use to make money.

Spending $5 million on a campaign may seem like alot of money to us but to a car company who will most likely triple that amount in sales, thinks of it as an investment in the future. These advertising companies are making great deals of money, and providing a service. It is now time to be creative. What was banned for many years in many societies is now common practice.