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Pairnoia Most people believe that the first REAL proof of alien invasion was that associated with Roswell, New Mexico, but some people believe differently. Since the earliest man learned to paint, there have been pictures of spaceships and rockets on cave walls. These flying objects have supposedly brought the message that the world will end in the year 2000, but the same end of the world chaos was experienced just before the year 1000 as well.

Irrelevance, however, sets in when we come to terms with the fact (as Jean Donnely would tell us) that according to the Israelites, it is one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven years anno domini, when in reality it is a scam, and time is at least three years off anyway.

So the big question that is aroused is...Does anybody care?? Death is inevitable, and weather it comes naturally, with emphysema, AIDS, or the end of the world, or even by means of alien abduction is irrelevant.

One then cant help but be lead to believe (By Isaac Asmiov) that the real question amounts to: DO MOTHS ACTUALLY EAT THE CLOTH, OR ARE THEY JUST TRYING TO FIND THEIR WAY THROUGH?...Which sparks further interest: are moths blind? Each answer seems to rely arabesquely on the next, and it seems that if one answer were slightly miscalculated, that the whole process of human embodiment would cease to exist. For instance, if moths are blind, then why are they so drawn to the light on the other side of the cloth? Or if indeed they can see, then why don't they just fly right around? This further drives thoughts into the theory that our "pinkie" fingers are getting smaller with evolution and will eventually lack presence, as will happen alike with every other feature of our physical body. This process will leave us in Einstein's hypothetical pinnacle-of-evolution or as the most advanced spices...a giant ball of energy with no bodies.

So does Evolution really even exist? I plan on self termination before the day I care to find the answer to these unknown, leaving you back towards the beginning...Does anybody care?...NO!