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vaultin4life: jon are you there NCC34: hey vaultin4life: talk to me vaultin4life: its mel vaultin4life: i'm at dan's work NCC34: what r u doing vaultin4life: he's packing the truck NCC34: for what vaultin4life: so i'm playing on his computer vaultin4life: i guess he's taking a road trip with steve this week NCC34: oh vaultin4life: something for work NCC34: so when r u heading back vaultin4life: what are you up to vaultin4life: from where vaultin4life: here NCC34: just typing a research paper vaultin4life: yuck vaultin4life: the one on egypt NCC34: tell me about it NCC34: yup vaultin4life: did you find some more information NCC34: yes but not much on my topic vaultin4life: bummer NCC34: so how did your weekend go vaultin4life: it was okay NCC34: just ok vaultin4life: yeah NCC34: i thought dan was going to pamper you? vaultin4life: dan and i went shopping for a new car NCC34: for you or him vaultin4life: for him NCC34: really NCC34: what did you look at vaultin4life: and we found out just how bad his credit really is vaultin4life: ps this is all on the dl vaultin4life: and if i say christmas tree NCC34: i understand vaultin4life: that means hes back and don't say anythinh NCC34: ok vaultin4life: so anyway NCC34: your to cute vaultin4life: thanks vaultin4life: so he can't get a car NCC34: so why is he looking vaultin4life: proabably won't be able to buy a house NCC34: WHAT vaultin4life: and he'll probably be in this situation for awhile NCC34: what is a while vaultin4life: and he can't open a bank account vaultin4life: like until its all paid off NCC34: 10 years vaultin4life: could be NCC34: how did it get so bad vaultin4life: so of course i'm upset NCC34: you should be vaultin4life: honestly i really don't think he's really concerned with it NCC34: he never is with anything vaultin4life: if it were me i would be seeing someone to help me erase all that debt vaultin4life: which makes me mad NCC34: what if he declares bankruptcy vaultin4life: and i am a HUGE worrier vaultin4life: i want him to go see one of those credit consolidators NCC34: well you need to be because this does have an effect on your future as well vaultin4life: i doubt he'll do it vaultin4life: thats what i tell him vaultin4life: but i can't make him do anything vaultin4life: and crying a showing concern isn't helping either NCC34: you need to THREATEN him melisa vaultin4life: i can't do that though NCC34: why not vaultin4life: christnmas tree NCC34: so r u excited with chicago vaultin4life: k hes gone NCC34: it will be so much fun vaultin4life: for shortness sakes vaultin4life: we're going to use ct NCC34: ok vaultin4life: it took too long to write htat NCC34: i bet vaultin4life: i just wish he would do something NCC34: well you and i both know he wont vaultin4life: he's got the money to pay it off NCC34: HE DOES vaultin4life: he just has to get his act together NCC34: then why the hell is he not doing it then NCC34: MEL you need to do something vaultin4life: i don't know what to do though NCC34: because dan is to imature at this time to do anything right vaultin4life: i can't do it all for him vaultin4life: although i would really like to vaultin4life: but then what am i supposed to do NCC34: ok now just thinkabout this for a moment vaultin4life: k vaultin4life: thinking NCC34: picture yourself in say 3 years NCC34: you two will probably be married NCC34: right? vaultin4life: yes vaultin4life: i'm gonna want a house and a car and all that stuff NCC34: ok now what r u going to do then when this problem is still hangering over you two vaultin4life: my point but what do i do NCC34: r u still just going to let dan screw things up vaultin4life: i don't know what to tell him vaultin4life: i'm handling the money vaultin4life: thats not an issue NCC34: you need to be stern and tell him if he can not handle the situation now vaultin4life: his checks are mine NCC34: then you can not handle them down the road and I am not going to be there for you when you reach the roads end vaultin4life: i really think that he thinks that this will all go away vaultin4life: which is why he needs to do something now vaultin4life: but he won't NCC34: so tell him if he does not do it NOW then he can not have YOU NCC34: you need to threated him vaultin4life: its hard to do that though NCC34: you might not want to but then he will see just how serious the situation really is vaultin4life: cause what if he dosen't fix the problme NCC34: then mel do you really want to make a commitment to a guy that can not support you NCC34: now be honest vaultin4life: i don't think he will though vaultin4life: your right i don't NCC34: You know these are the things you need to sit down and tell him vaultin4life: but do i let him go just because he can't support me vaultin4life: he gets upset though NCC34: because he is thinking that you will always be there to bail him out vaultin4life: he dosn't likt to talk about it vaultin4life: hell no i ain't bailing him out NCC34: well then screw him, he needs to grow up and act like a man vaultin4life: his debt is his debt NCC34: do you want me to talk to him vaultin4life: i don't know vaultin4life: does he talk to you about this stuff NCC34: i have no pronblem with it vaultin4life: the money thing NCC34: yes NCC34: he shares a lot with me vaultin4life: if he brings it up then yes NCC34: ok vaultin4life: don't let on that i talked to you about it though NCC34: i will not tell him a word i promiss you that vaultin4life: well and i was so happy because he wanted to open an account and i was so happy NCC34: what kind of an account vaultin4life: we went yesterday to do it and he can't open one vaultin4life: a checking account NCC34: i thought he had one vaultin4life: nopr vaultin4life: nope vaultin4life: he has nothing NCC34: wow vaultin4life: you swear you won't say anything NCC34: i swear vaultin4life: but your mom talked to him about filling for bankrupcy NCC34: that is bad though vaultin4life: i know vaultin4life: at 23 vaultin4life: my god NCC34: yes but he got himself to far in debt vaultin4life: it just frustrates me NCC34: does he have credit cards vaultin4life: no that he dosen't have NCC34: then how did he get so far NCC34: in debt vaultin4life: the jeep NCC34: my god vaultin4life: 28,000 NCC34: that was years ago NCC34: holly shit vaultin4life: a cell phone bill vaultin4life: 1,000 vaultin4life: plus lots of odds and ends vaultin4life: and he's got the money to start paying them off NCC34: mel do you think this is going to change in the future vaultin4life: i wish he would vaultin4life: if i'm in charge they will NCC34: but he is not willing to though vaultin4life: i want him to see a crerdit consolidato NCC34: but he wont will he vaultin4life: i know they cost extra but at least its a step vaultin4life: your sister is