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Poopie Pants Mr. Cunt Gods and Heros 21 January 2002 When is the End of the World? The end of the world has indeed in no doubt been a concept that has grasped the minds of both ancient and modern civilizations. Both new and old civilizations are actually very different from each other. While technology is getting better, the old ancient religous views slowly diminish. Although the two are very different, the both have the same destructive result.

The majority of ancient belif in the end of the world comes deeply from their religon. In essence, they belived that their god(s) would destroy them by a natural disaster such as a flood because of their sins. An example of this is that the ancient Romans belived that Zues will flood the world hoping the cleanse earth of all sin. Because Mount Olympus was up so high in the sky, a flood was the natural disaster of choice because it will keep the gods safe.

Other religons too belived in a mass flood in the hope to clense of sin. One of the most famous is the Catholic tale of Noah and the Ark. Here, God floods the earth for fourty days and fourty nights while it was Noah's responsibility to put two of each animal in the ark, hoping to start a new world when the flood was over; much similar to what the ancient Romans belived. No matter what the ancient religon, they really belived deeply in their religon in some sort of natural diaster.

In todays modern world, as technology grew, more different medthods grew out from the two dimentional religous view. To expand on this idea, during the space race in the '60s, scientist have learned the devistating effect an asteroid has if the earth was...