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Why I signed up for aerobics fitness and what it has done for me.

I decided to sign up for aerobics/fitness because I thought it would do more for me physically and mentally than normal gym would. Personally I believe that normal gym is boring and if you're not good at some sports like me it can be difficult to concentrate or even really care about gym class. When I took gym I personally didn't care or really try hard. Now to this day it makes me disappointed, I wish I would have tried harder in what we were doing or what sport we'd be playing but I always felt no interest or left out. I liked some of the sports don't get me wrong… for example I really enjoyed and tried when we would play Soccer, Basketball, and volleyball. Yet then again I didn't favor too much Baseball, track, and swimming.

I always felt uncomfortable in normal gym to. I was never really comfortable with the people whom I was in class with. But this year everything, my thoughts and ideas about a different kind of gym changed. I singed up for aerobics fitness because I thought it would help me in what I wanted to accomplish. I didn't want to play sports I wanted to build my muscles. This year singing up for aerobics fitness was one of the best ideas I ever had. I can really say that I enjoyed this class more than most others. Aerobics fitness has helped me physically. I can run with out getting winded right away and I can lift weight I never thought I could lift. I can already tell a difference in my body. My legs are stronger and more muscular along with my arms. I am more active at home. I lost weight thanks to the class. Aerobics fitness has changed me in a couple ways. It though me to try harder in what I do. It thought me to set more goals for my self and beat them. I liked my classmates this year, which I think, helped me with being comfortable with the class. In this class I really enjoyed swimming. The game days are alright but I really like the way we rotate from weight lifting on the benches and on the different machines to the videos, the videos help a lot because after there done some times the next day you can feel it in your legs and arms. Also we get to ride the bikes, jump rope. This class had many different choices for us to help us get fit. I would recommend this class for not so athletic people but also for people that want to have fun and work on their bodies also. I feel that this class as improved me physically and mentally. Aerobics fitness was one of my best choices that I've have made. I would like to thank you for teaching this class. Not only making it for people like me that want to get in to shape, to set goals, reach them but also for teaching me that Aerobics can be fun, educational, non boring, and it gives me something to care about. I now care about working and having fun at the same time. Thank you.