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A BMW 278 D In the morning of October 29, a BMW 278 D was found in the ditch of a roundabout near St. Paul. There was a dead teenager in the rearseat but the driver had disapeared.

Mr Callagan was an egocentric and evil man but he loved two things in the world, his BMW 278 D and his daugther Muriella.

The car was a red opentourer with a black hood that he polished every Sunday morning. His daugther was seventeen at that time and although she was always hanging around with her horrible boyfriend Mark, he loved her with all his heart.

Muriella used to climb out through the window by night and make long rides with Mark on his motorbike. He didn't have a drivinglicens so he prefered driving when it was dark, to avoid the police.

After a couple of nights those rides were not that exciting anymore and Mark suggested that the should lend Mr Callagans BMW just for some hours.

So Muriella went back into the house and stole the keys from her snoring father.

They drove out to the countryside. The night was mild and a warm breeze was blowing in their hair. Suddenly big clouds were piling up in the horizon and the breeze changed to hard and cool.

-Let´s drive home, said Muriella.

Mark turned the car and sped up because big raindrops had began to fall on the leatherseats. He drove faster and faster and the speedometerneedle was showing 210 km/h when Muriella began to scream "stop it Mark, stop it". But it was to late, Mark was obsessed of the speed and there was nothing to do.

Mr Callagan woke up in the middle of the night and felt there was something wrong. He went out to the garage to check his beloved car, but it was gone. Big tears were falling down his cheeks when he went back into the house to ask Muriella about the car. When he found her bed emty he started to cry desperately and he screamed until the roof of the house fell in at the sunrise sometimes about 5.30.

Mr Callagan and Muriella were burried in the same grave but no one else than the preast and the gravedigger were at the funeral.

No one has seen Mark eversince.