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The plot of the story deals with a boy and his lifelong dream. All his life Rudi Matt had dreamed of climbing the most feared mountain in all of Kurtal. He was never allowed to climb by his mother or his uncle but was raised to be in the hotel business. Rudi could not hold in what he and everyone else knew what he was meant to be, the first person to climb the Citedal. Ever since Rudi's dad Josef Matt died while climbing the Citedal, no one dreamed of coming close to the mountain. The villagers thought that there were demons and ghosts on the mountain. Even though no one believed Rudi could never be a guide or even a could climber, Rudi knew it was in his blood and knew he had to climb that mountain.

The most often talked about main character is Rudi Matt. He is Josef Matt's son.

Rudi was always being picked on and people always called him names like angel face and dishwasher. Even though everyone always put him down he was determined and had a strong will to be the best climber. Franz Lerner was Rudi's uncle. He was another great guide of Kurtal. He was well respected by everyone. He obeyed Rudi's moms wishes of having Rudi in the hotel business and tried his hardest to make him stay there and not escape to the mountains. He was also scared of the Citedal and told himself that he would never climb it but in the end he did because he knew he had to. Captain John Winter was an Englishman and was one of the greatest climbers in all of the world. Rudi ended up meeting him once and saved his life. Saxo was a man from Broli which was Kurtal's rival town. He went up on the climb with Captain Winter, Rudi, and Franz. He was a huge muscular man and was a great guide even though no one from Kurtal would admit it.

The setting of the story is simple. It takes place in a little town in Switzerland called Kurtal. Everyone in Kurtal is scared of the Citedal except Rudi Matt. You never really find out when in time the story takes place and you never even get any clues. There is also talk of Kurtal's rival town Broli where Saxo is from. The two towns have always hated each other and always boast on how much better they are from the other.

The story is told in a 3rd person point of view. I think that if it was told in a first person it wouldn't be very good because in 3rd person the narrator tells the thoughts of everyone not like in 1st person where it would just be one person's thoughts. So the author made the right choice.

I think that the theme of the story, from what I could tell is that if a person really has a desire to do something, and has it burning inside them, that they can do if they give it their all. Rudi Matt gave it his all to climb the greatest mountain in Citedal. So that tells me that if I really want to do something and put all I got into that I can do it.

I have no idea why I like this story because I have never been interested in mountain climbing and don't know anything about. I like this story because I like all stories that deal with doing something that seems impossible. I just think the writer did a great job. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read. I think it's easy to get in to right away in the beginning and the plot line never goes down.