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Data Sheet Carbohydrates Sample Benedict Test + or - 1.Glucose + 2.Maltose + 3.Sucrose - 4.Lactose + 5.Starch - Resultant Color in a + Benedict Test - Orange/Red/Green Sample IKI + or - 1.Starch + (Blue) 2.Maltose - (Yellow) 3.Sucrose - (Yellow) 4.Glucose - (Yellow) 5.Water - (Yellow) Lipids A.

Solubility 1.Water - 2.Acetone ++ 3.Alcohol + 4.Chloroform +++ 5.Ether +++ Polar Molecule: Molecules are balanced by the number of positive and negative charges, if there are more positives than negatives, the molecule is said to be polar.

Nonpolar Molecule: Molecules are balanced by the number of positive and negative charges, if there are more negatives than positives, the molecule is said to be nonpolar.

POLAR Water Alcohol Acetone Chloroform NONPOLAR Ether B. Types of Emulsions 1. A temporary emulsion is formed when 2 "unmixable" liquids are mixed by heavy agitation, but readily settle on standing.

Example Oil dissolved in the soap 2. A permanent emulsion is formed when 2 "unmixable" liquids do not readily settle because of the prescence of emulsifying agents.

Example Salt floating on top of oil Explain the action of soap.

It dissolves oils and fats.

What is the purpose of Bile salts? Bile salts enter the small intestine, the moiety separates and the bile salts become soluble and physiologically active like endogenously produce bile salts.

Proteins + test is development of violet color SAMPLE BIURET TEST + or - 1.Water - 2.Albumen + 3.Maltose - 4.Glucose - 5.Oil - Nucleic Acids Sample Bial Test Resultant Color RNA + Green DNA - Pink Sample Dische Test Resultant Color RNA - White DNA + Blue Indicators Color upon addition of HCL Color upon addition of NaOH Congo Red Purple Orange Bromophenol Blue Yellow Purple Thymol Blue Red Blue Phenolphthalein Clear Pink Purpose: The purpose for Carbohydrates was to test for suger and polysaccharide. The purpose of Lipids was to find out about solubility and emulsification of fats and oils. The purpose of Proteins was to test certain elements to see if they contained any proteins. The purpose of Nucleic Acids was to test for nucleic acid in RNA and DNA. The purpose of Indicators and Acidity was to show to changed colors of the elements after mixing the original substances with hydrochloric acid.