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Medieval Myths By: Norma Lorre Goodrich Published by: The Penguin Group, 1961 Mythology Book Report By: Claudia Yaeger Mr. Clark C.P. English Due October 1, 2001 2.) The Types of stories found in this book are Medieval Stories. They contain Kings, Queens, and Knights, wars and battles, dragons, and beautiful maidens.

3.) One of the myths that I enjoyed was the one about Beowulf, from Scandinavian Mythology, entitled: Beowulf And The Fiend Grendel.

This story is about a Danish Kingdom that was ruled by a King, named Hrothgar. Hrothgar was a great King, admired by people everywhere. One day Hrothgar decided to build a hall to which no other was greater, and named this hall Heorot. Heorot was made of gold and fine jewels, and people from many kingdoms traveled to see it. Hrothgar and his Queen Wealhtheow would sit inside Heorot and give away gifts to the people that came to visit.

The Noble Earls (Danish Warriors) would also sleep in the great hall at night. All was well until an Ogre named Grendel, a fiend from hell, and a Satan who ruled over the swamps, went inside Heorot and killed the earls while they slept. No one found them until morning and this happened many times afterward. Soon Heorot was seldom occupied, and no one came to visit, for everyone feared the ogre Grendel would devour them as he did the others.

The news of Grendlel traveled to many kingdoms, and soon it reached the Geats from across the sea. King Hygelac, the king of the Geats, heard this news, and soon Beowulf heard it. Beowulf was the strongest, and boldest man in the Geat Kingdom. He was also the son of Ecgtheow, a great war hero. When he heard this news he was ready to help the...