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Jurassic Park Written By Micheal Crichton Book Report By: YOUR NAME HERE The story starts as a man from an island is brought in.He has severe injuries all over his body.The man comes from the island where scientists have made dinosaurs from DNA found in insects.Well they were building the dinosaur game park some dinosaurs have escaped from the island and have arrived on the mainland. A few people were attacked, including a girl who managed to draw a picture of the little dinosaur before she was attacked. When the picture was shown to scientists, they didn't know what animal it could be.

The Story the starts to talk about Dr. Grant,who is a archaeologist who is currently working in a dig in America. One day he gets a phone call from Mr. Hammond, the owner of the island, if Dr. Grant wants to come over to the island.

Dr. Grant has an assistant who is called Ellie Sattler and she goes with Grant to the island. When they arrive at the island a few days later, more people are there.

Malcolm, Tim, Lex, Wu, Muldoon, Gennaro, Nedry and Harding. These people were all friends of Hammond, except Tim and Lex, two kids, who were family of Dr. Grant.

Hammond decides to show the visitors around in the park. First they get to visit all the labs, main building and the hotel and later a visit to the park itself with Jeeps. It's already late afternoon when they start the visit to the park. The Jeeps ride automatically through the park and you have no control over the steering wheel. When they are in the bit where the T-rex is staying the Jeeps suddenly stop.

This is Nedry's fault. Nedry is the man who is in the computers and has made all the security systems, lights, electric fences and all that stuff for the park. When Nedry decides to steal dinosaur DNA and sell it,he switches of the park main electricity. This means the. electric fences are out, there are no lights and no cameras working ,the park and that means the dinos are free to go through the park.

The trouble begins when the two jeeps are attacked by the T-Rex. Some people run away, some hide. Tim and Lex are wounded when the T-rex throws the jeep in the trees. Lex falls out and hides in a pipe. Tim stays in the car and later falls out of the tree and finds Lex. Dr. Grant, who was in the other jeep finds Tim and Lex and try to make it back to the visitor centre. None of the other people who were with them are alive. First they were all still alive,but all of them were later killed by dinosaurs on their struggle to make it back to the visitors centre.

When Tim, Lex and Grant are trying to find their way back to the visitors centre, they see a boat going to the mainland from the island with a few dinos on board. They must have jumped on without the crew seeing it. Dr. Grant now knows it is nessesary to go back as fast as they can to warn the crew, because otherwise the dinos could bread on the mainland and kill lots of people because they are very dangerous. Underway they are attacked by lots of dinosaurs, have to sleep in a bunker, have to use a raft to escape from dinos and lots more. When they make it back to the visitors centre 15 hours later, they see the dinos have already been in there as well. They have to get the computers running again, to get the electricity back and get the dinos back in their pods. In a few hours the whole park is running and they can warn the ship with the dinos on board. Now the only thing for them left to do is find the only nest were the dinos are breeding and destroy it. Not much later a helicopter picks them up, and the army destroys the whole island.

The only survivors of the 'visit' to the park were Dr. Grant, Satller, Tim, Lex, Gennaro and Muldoon. Sattler wasn't in the park, but had stayed in the main building. The helicopter brought them to a nice hotel were they could stay until they were free to go home.

I really liked this book because it was suspenceful.I think that because of this book I wil read Micheal Cricton's other work like Congo and Sphere. I hope you will read this book because of this book report.