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ROADS PLANNING Roads are skeleton of any town plan , or ,to vary the simile ,the arteries of the organisms through which the life blood of communication flows. The planner must necessary let the road engineer have the last word regarding road material , gradient camber ,super elevation, radii of horizontal and vertical curves , etc through he should be well aware of the technical factors governing them , and he should regard the traffic engineer or traffic planer as an indispensable colleague . This is not to imply that sheer traffic efficiency should be determinant in preparing the town plan ,for numerous other factors may well be of equal or greater importance , but certainly a Town Plan which dose not ensure the efficient flow of traffic is little more useful than an aircraft which will not fly.

Roads are of greater antiquity . They were original pedestrian track along which , before the invention of the wheel ,loads might be dragged on rough sledges ; they became , as human civilization progressed , routes along which animals were driven , led or ridden and horse drawn , later , mechanically propelled vehicle traveled.

Always ,roads have had a dual function : as traffic routes and as means of access to dwellings and other buildings ; it is only since the vast growth of transport which has arisen from the invention of the internal combustion that these have been seriously in conflict with each other . Today this conflict is very grave , and leads to terrible injury and loss of life and to grossly wasteful delay in the transport of worker and goods.

A casual inspection of road traffic is apt to give the impression of a vast number of vehicle moving about the country in random fusion...