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Let Freedom Ring Freedom and responsibility, freedom-ability to act freely; A state in which somebody is able to do as he or she chooses, without being subject to any restraints or restrictions, authority to make decisions independently. Responsibility- (accountability) the state fact or position of being responsible for somebody; (blame) the blame for something that has happened that you were responsible for; something to be responsible for: something for which a person or an organization is responsible. There can be many types of responsibilities it all depends on the situation.

I think that there is no good definition for the word freedom for the simple fact nobody's free to do what they want because there is consequences and repercussion for all the actions that someone makes. In fact I think that there are more negatives of having freedom then positives ones. For instance if a man goes and kills somebody, he's going to go to jail.

When you go to jail they take your freedom away from you. What I mean by that is they tell you when you can eat and when you are suppose to go to sleep. In jail you only have one hour to work out and eat. Me, personally I like my freedom although it is costly at most times. You pretty much have to pay for your freedom. Freedom is important to everybody because people need to live their lives as they wish. If someone telling someone else how to live their lives or when they are told that they are suppose to do something that is not how someone should have to live. Another example is when they say "this is a free country" what does that really mean? Who really believes in that motto? You have to pay to do everything from...