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It was just a day at John Arbuckle's house. As Garfield got up at 10:00 am he took a look at his calendar. He took a glance at the day of the week and mumbled "Ha, monday I need to go back to sleep." Just as Garfield was falling back to sleep John yelled "Get up you lazy cat! I need to take you to the vet for your shots." Garfield was wide-awake soon as he heard that and ran into the closet. John grumbled, " I'm not having a good day." Then Garfield opened the door and ran into the center of the room and stopped there. A few minutes later Odie came up behind him and said, "bark". Garfield sprang to the ceiling. Garfield thought to him self " Just what I was waiting for. Now John can't find me up here." "Garfield!!!" John yelled. Then "rip" the wallpaper on the ceiling ripped and down Garfield came.

Yet, John grabbed him right out of the air. "OK Garfield let's stop with the games and go to the Vet." John said happily.

Soon they were in John's car and going to the vet. When they got to the vet Garfield whispered to himself "Maybe if I can just stall we will miss my appointment with the vet." When they got there Garfield grabbed the seat firmly. John got out and went to the other side to get Garfield. When he got there Garfield was on the drivers side. Then John went to the other side to get him he was on the other side. John mooned " Stop this Garfield!" So John crawled threw the car and grabbed Garfield, but Garfield had clinched the seat firmly and would not let go. John pulled and tugged, but Garfield had...