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The Secret Garden The book was about a girl, a wealthy one, who lived in India. Her name was Mary. Mary always thought her parents never paid attention to her and was too busy with parties. Mary was always angry, but she never cried. She thought her mom didn't care about her until one day, when her parents died. After her parents died she went with this lady named Mrs. Madlock. She was going to her uncle's that Mary had never met before, Mrs. Madlock said. On the carriage-ride to her uncles, is when she found out exactly where she was going. Mary also found out that her mother had a twin sister, which was her uncle's wife. But, she had died also. She was said that she had died from falling off a swing in her garden. She had reached her uncle's house, but she didn't get to meet him, just yet.

Her orders were to get some rest and maybe she could see him in the morning.

The next morning she met Martha, Mrs. Madlock's servant. After she was told to stay in her room she found a passage-door where it led to a dusty old room. She thought it most have been her Aunt's room because it had matching things as her mother. In that room she found a big key, an odd-looking key.

That day she went outside to play. She wasn't sure whom to play with; she didn't have any friends that didn't live in India. She found a robin, which led her to a door, a locked door. It had a keyhole that look as if the key in her aunt's bedroom would fit. She got the key from the bedroom and it slides in perfect. She opened the big door and looked around, she saw how beautiful everything was and a wooden swing. Then she saw a boy. The boy's name was Dickon; he was Martha's brother. She and Dickon became friends and they planted many flowers together.

A couple of nights later when she was wandering around the house like she shouldn't have she heard a boy. She went to go see who it was. It was her cousin, Colin. She has never met him either, she didn't even know she had a cousin, nor an uncle. Colin has been in bed all his life, he was "sick". Mary talked to him and became friends. She went there every night when no one knew. She wasn't allowed to see him, almost nobody was allowed to see him. He was said to be severely sick. Colin's father (Mary's uncle) was never at home and always out. He didn't like seeing Colin because he didn't look his mother.

One day Mary took Colin outside for the first time. He loved it and wanted to go out everyday, and he did. No one liked the idea in the home and his father was out so much no one told him. Colin, Mary, and Dickon become friends. Colin didn't ever know how to walk because he was always in a wheelchair and/or in bed. Mary and Dickon taught him how to walk. No one but them three knew that they were in the locked secret garden and no one knew Colin could walk. He didn't want anyone to find out. He wanted his father to find out first.

One night Colin says some magic thing over a fire with Mary and Dickon for his father to come home. A couple of days later his wish comes true. His father came home and went to go see Colin in his bed, but no one was there, he went to go check on Mary but she was gone too. Martha said they were probably outside. Colin's father had locked up the secret garden because it was his wife's garden and that is where she died, on the swing. He checked to see where they were outside. The last place he checked was the secret garden. He found them and saw that Colin could walk. Mary was now afraid since Colin and his father were going to be close now she would be kicked out. But her uncle went up to her and thanked her for doing something that he thought no one could ever do, bring him and his son together, also for helping Colin to walk. Now the secret garden is stayed open and it is alive, growing, and pretty for everyone to see. Him, Mary, and Colin spend a lot of time together and they lived happily ever after, the end.