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Mother Theresa "Lily sweetie, get up. You're gonna be late, AGAIN!" Lily, an 18 year old living in the latter part of 21st century, awoke to her mother's piercing screams. Not really the most pleasant awakening, but she was quite used to it. She stretched out in her queen-sized feather bed, and looked out the window. Once again, a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping. Ah yes, life was perfect in her home town of Park Rapids.

As she slowly climbed out of bed, her phone rang in the it's usual annoying tone.

"Ello?" Lily answered the phone while stifling a yawn, only to be met by the piercing screams of her best friend Paige.

"Oh, my god. Lily, today is like, totally the day! I hope you didn't forget that today is like, the most important day of our lives. I mean, like, oh my god, if we like make it through today, we will be like, so totally IN! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?" Paige was known for her ability to speak at break neck speeds, but today she spoke at a Mach 3 pace.

"Paige, what on earth are you talking about," Lily questioned her friend's excitement as she riffled through her dresser draws in search of the perfect outfit. But no luck, the yellow, chick polo wasn't to be found. She continued on in search of the pleated skirt that went with it. If she could find that, she'd be in luck. It wasn't until she heard the high pitched screeching of Paige that she realized that she was still on the phone with her.

"Gosh, Lily, have you even heard a word I've said? In case you've forgotten, today is the day of the cheerleading tryouts! And...