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Paper Topic: Presentation of the successful merge of RENAULT corporation and NISSAN motors! Term Paper due on April 26th, 2001 In 1999, RENAULT, a French midsize automaker company decided to create an alliance with Japan?s NISSAN Motors. This operation has transformed the company into a global player, inside the very competitive market of worldwide vehicular distribution. By taking over 36.8% of Nissan's capital, Renault decided to send Carlos Ghosn, as new manager from Nissan, in order for him to install a ?Nissan Revival Plan? (NRP). Actually, this plan has been made in order for both corporations to restore profitability, and acquire and increase market shares in Japan. My paper presents and describes the different aspects of this successful merging operation between two cultural opposites way of managing and running business. In other words, it shows the differences and changes that have been brought by Renault Corporation. First, it presents the major leadership role played by Carlos Ghosn in successfully restoring Nissan?s health.

Secondly, it introduces the Nissan?s Japanese way of running an organization, and the main changes made by Renault organization, a western European firm: showing the huge different gap between the two ways of managing businesses.

Carlos Ghosn has been charged to revive Nissan Motor Corporation. After working in turn-around situations at Renault in France and at Michelin?s U.S. operations, 46-year-old Brazilian-born Ghosn moved to Nissan Japan in 1999, and has vowed to quit if the auto maker isn?t profitable by March, showing his character?s determination. His leadership has been one of the main factors of the working of Nissan Revival. The question is what really makes him a leader? Actually, understanding the different characteristics of his personality really explains why this alliance has been successful, as Carlos Ghosn has been one of the principal actors of...