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RUSH CITY PRISON By Andy 1. It is a correctional facility 2. In 1994 the Minnesota legislature appropriated funds for a new correctional facility in or close to the twin cities. Rush city was selected from many spots in or around the twin cities. In 1996 construction began. Thoughtful, innovative design was a tremendous difference in the cost of the prison, thinking of space requirements and how many workers would be required to run the facility safely.

3. 89 million dollars of an 83-acre facility placed on a 385-acre site. Total inmate capacity of almost 1000 prisoners.

4. None that I read about 5. Well, Rush City is the place for our county fair and it sees a lot more action then one may think. It is right on the freeway which makes an easy commute from almost anywhere around the area, and it also provides a nice, safe working environment that is close to home and pays well.

There is not many departments like stores in rush city but it is full of factory buildings and worksites. It is also a good spot for the inmates themselves. They can easily have a job on the outside if they are allowed that option and it is close to the facility.

6. In rush city there are a lot of farm boys who are tuff enough to be prison guards, I actually know of a guy who grew up with my cousins and I on their farm and he went through a strict training program to be a guard in the visitors section. As far as food is concerned there seems to be a lot of ways food is delivered and made up for the inmates. From the usual lunch lady to sysco. I do not know much about the security...